• Sterile concentrate "Activator of skin youth", 6ml

The action of the sterile concentrate "Activator of skin youth" line Fermos:

  • improves skin tone and elasticity
  • activates the production of "beauty receptors" (DOR), which eliminate the signs of skin aging
  • provides complex nutrition and energy supply of skin cells
  • strengthens local immunity and normalizes metabolic processes at the mitochondrial level, stimulating cellular respiration, synthesis of DNA, keratin and collagen
  • moisturizes the skin, restores hydration of the dermis and prevents transepidermal water loss


for the prevention of general age-related skin changes in biological and photoaging,

for anti-stress therapy,

treating dull, tired and sagging skin.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components

Application methods:

With the help of a derma roller (mesoscooter)(;

With the help of a fractional mesotherapy apparatus;

When conducting microcurrent, ultrasound therapy and iontophoresis, it can be applied under contact gels.

Composition: hexapeptide 48-HCL, oligopeptides of magnesium, zinc and copper, hyaluronic acid (0.5%).

Release form: an aqueous solution in a bottle of 6 ml.

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Sterile concentrate "Activator of skin youth", 6ml

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