The store is two years old!

Hello dear friends!


Today, I remembered that the store is already 2 years old!


I am very glad that all this time you have chosen and I hope you will choose my store!

When the store was 1 year old, I forgot to give out discounts to everyone :(


The store was opened in May, 2019.

The first order was in June, 2019.


I'm sorry, I worked hard and tried to find quality fillers and other products for you. After all, the most important thing for me is a satisfied customer!


We have gone through a lot in these two years. There were delays in delivery due to New Years, Christmas. Covid-19 showed up and I closed the store for several months. I thought that I would lose my favorite customers, but you stayed! I continue to work for you! And I hope that in the future, there will be even more choices!


I want to thank each of you for coming back, that you are satisfied with the service and quality. I promise that I will continue to delight you with quality in everything!


Without you, I would not be able to sell fillers to other countries! I really am very grateful to you!


I'll ask you a little favor:

Please leave feedback for the products :)

(now there are only 2 of them, but I don't want to come up with my own reviews, because honesty is important!)



Always with you, Pavel.