Privacy Policy

Everything is simple! When you visit the site saves information about you so that I would use it for marketing (discounts, promotions and unique coupons on the site).

ALL of your data is not transferred to other companies! not for sale! not used for bad purposes! and in general, I only see and use them!

PayPal payment is not saved on the site! Payment is made on the website after clicking the "Order!" button!

This is stored on the site:

1 - Registration data

2 - Ordering data

3 - Collects information on viewed products

4 - Information is collected on visiting site pages

Why is this data stored?

1 - Data at registration. - We need you to write them each time again and again.

2 - Data when ordering. - We need you to know where and to whom to send the order.

3 - Information on viewed products. - Only me. I need to know which products are in demand and perhaps discount them.

4 - Information on visiting the site pages. - Only me. You need to know which pages are popular and do new things with their example.

Cookies are needed so that you do not log in every time under your account, the basket, the language of the site and the currency of the site are saved.