About Site and me


I sell fillers from manufacturers or from official distributors. Buying from me you can be sure of the quality of the product!

The site was opened after sales from Ebay, there are very strict rules and penalties!

Why did I transfer sales to the site?

The answer is simple! Cons if you sell on Ebay:

1 - The commission of Ebay and Paypal is 17-18 %%!

2 - Limitations on the quantity of goods

3 - You can not exchange contacts, and this is very convenient for many customers!

4 - I get constant restrictions due to the sale of "Prescription Medicines", this is 30 days you can not add anything!

5 - Many write that they bought on Ebay from other sellers and it was a fake!

6 - Buyers like my quality fillers. But I can not add deleted Ebay goods again! I have to sell other goods, and to buyers in the comments to write what they need! This is wildly not convenient!

7 - I can not make a good discount on delivery and filler on Ebay! The reason is a very large commission!

Here is the answer. Due to the high commission, idiotic rules and poor communication, I created this site for you!

The site will develop over time! New products will be added constantly!

Why is the site called kpavels.com? It is also very simple!

k - My last name

pavel - Name

s - Second name

I did not bother with the glamorous and beautiful name of the site. I want to create the most informative and understandable site possible. On this site there will be no spam in the mail, there will be no heap of banners or advertising! Everything will be only clear and as convenient as possible!

Glad you chose my site!
KpavelS - Original & Best Fillers!