• Rejeunesse Sparkle

Rejeunesse Sparkle Lidocaine action: filling of vertical wrinkles on the forehead, fine wrinkles of the periorbital and perioral zones of the face, as well as the creation and modeling of volume in the cheek area. The drug is used to correct the oval of the face, chin and neck.

"Sparkle" is translated from English as shine, to be animated. This value is the foundation of the drug during its development - facial rejuvenation. That is why a cosmetic product is recommended to be introduced into the surface layers of the dermis, as it consists of the smallest particles and is intended to correct very fine lines and wrinkles.

Rejeunesse Sparkle Lidocaine - face contour, forehead and neck, restoration, rejuvenation, modeling of lips and face contours

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Rejeunesse Sparkle

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