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Indications for use of PRX-T33: prevention and treatment of photoaging of the skin, loss of skin elasticity and elasticity, skin hypokeratosis, atrophic scars, sprains that contribute to the effects of hyperpigmentation of acne, post acne (spots after acne).

Result of application: Instant lifting effect, narrowing of pores, leveling of skin tone, correction of pigment spots, anti-inflammatory effect, correction of scars and stretch marks.

Composition PRX-T33: Patented PRX-T33 complex, hydrogen peroxide, kojic acid, stabilizing agents. A unique medical discovery was the combination of TCA and hydrogen peroxide, two substances of which affect the cellular level, which leads to a powerful stimulating and biorevitalizing effect without damaging the skin surface. As a result, managed to neutralize the damaging effect. Kojic acid, which is part of it, allows to obtain a lightening effect and control post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In terms of efficiency, the result can be compared with the result of non-ablative laser polishing.

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PRX-T33 1x4ml

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