Speaking about the drug to get rid of excess body fat, it should be noted some features.

Anesthesia is not necessary for injection. This drug is absolutely painless and does not cause discomfort in the form of burning and swelling at the injection site.

When it gets under the skin, the gel dissolves in the tissues and destroys fat cells. Lipolytic depletes fat and removes its decaying residues through sweat and urine.

In order for the drug to begin to act, it will require minimal costs of the drug itself, as well as the time of the patient.

This drug is an effective tool in the fight against cellulite, making the skin smooth, pleasant to the touch and elastic.

Lipo Lab PPC Solution lipolytic eliminates excess fat in certain parts of the body, namely, where even physical exercise cannot help.

Lipolitik Lipo Lab PPC Solution is a drug that will provide a safe treatment, because it consists of 99.8% of pure raw materials, which rapidly increases the effectiveness of lipolysis.

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Lipo Lab 1x10ml

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