• Juvederm Volift (2x1ml)

Intradermal filler of the new generation Juvederm Volift (Juvederm Volift) is a homogeneous, soft gel based on stabilized sodium hyaluronate for highly effective volume replenishment in case of deficiency of soft tissues of the facial skin, for medium and deep wrinkles, pronounced correction of the contours and volume of the lips. In this implant, the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid (HA) is significantly reduced, which accelerates the filling process and ensures the distribution of the substance in the tissues. Juvederm Volift is developed according to the unique VYCROSS formula, which guarantees a comprehensive restoration of contours and volume on the face, prolongs the effect up to 15 months.


Developed by Allergan, the market leader in aesthetic medicine products, the Juvederm Volift filler is based on hyaluronic acid with traditional analogue ml - 24 mg / ml. Due to its elasticity and concentration, biogel is retained for a long period, effectively accumulates liquid and promotes metabolic processes. HA is not only the size in the cheekbones, cheeks and selection due to the volumizing effect of the gel, but also triggers natural bioprocesses in the skin by activating the synthesis of fibroblasts.

The Juvederm Volift formula is enhanced by the addition of a powerful analgesic - 3.0% lidocaine hydrochloride. The anesthetic protects the patient from pain and burning sensation during the introduction of the corrector. Cosmetologists also do not need to apply anesthetic creams, which makes injection easier.

The possibility of edema is minimized, since the composition includes a phosphate buffer with a pH of 7.2. Sodium Phosphate has been added to stabilize the active substance, creating an ideal environment for the moisture saturation of the fat layer and skin tissue.


Patients who have undergone corrections with this implant are consistently satisfied with the results due to the versatility of the gel. After the introduction of Juvederm Volift, not only adding expressive volume to problem areas of the face, but also giving elasticity and smoothness to the skin, the complexion becomes more natural and healthy. Cosmetologists, for their part, point to the ease of injection and the minimum risk of side effects when using Juvederm Volift.

Experts list the following main advantages of Juviderm Volift filler:

Absolute security. Technologists have reduced the concentration of BDDE, so the filler is non-toxic, resistant to hyaluronidase and premature biodegradation.

Instant impact. Relief changes are noticeable already in the first hours after insertion and placement of the implant in the areas to be corrected. The maximum saturation is observed after 3-4 weeks.

Painless typing. The highly concentrated lidocaine in Juvederm Volift almost completely relieves the sensations of pain, tingling, and burning. The comfort of the task is also the use of thin 27G puncture needles.

Providing 3D effect. When using this filler, the face acquires a natural relief, becomes noticeably younger: with clear outlines, without sunken cheeks, "sagging" of the skin and deep folds.

Longer duration of the result. Due to the denser cross-linking of HA molecules using the VYCROSS technology, Juvederm Volift is more viscous, therefore it remains in the filling for a long time - the effect lasts at least 1 year, sometimes up to 15-18 months.


The corrector is indicated for clients with excessive thinness of the face, degradation of the soft tissues of the dermis, problems of the "floating" face, age-related changes in it and its relief. The plastic gel is used in work with a patient over 30 years old. Juvederm Volift successfully accomplishes:

  • Filling of the lost volume of cheekbones, chin and cheeks,
  • Correction of outlines, relief of the middle and lower third of the face,
  • Elimination of deep and medium nasolabial folds,
  • Elimination of purse-string wrinkles and wrinkles of "marionettes",
  • Replenishment of thin lips and correction of their contour,
  • Raising the corners of the mouth
  • Removal of wrinkles on the chin,
  • Lifting of cheekbones and cheeks, giving them a relief,
  • Light bio-reinforcement for skin ptosis.

Juvederm Volift is used exclusively for contouring and volumetric correction of the lips, chin, cheek-zygomatic and nasolabial areas.

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Juvederm Volift (2x1ml)

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