• Hyaron 10 x 2.5ml in box

Composition / release form:

Ingredients: 2.5% unstabilized hyaluronic acid, obtained by modern genetic engineering method (molecular weight - 1000 KDa)


pack of 10 syringes 2.5 ml


a solution based on unstabilized hyaluronic acid with a concentration of 2.5%


needles 22-23 G

Assignment / Action:

Moisturizing the skin, increasing elasticity and firmness, significantly reduces wrinkles


Dongkook Pharmaceutical (South Korea)

Recommended course of procedures:

The Hyaron course consists of a primary (4 procedures once every 10 days) and a supporting (1 time per month) phase. Each procedure requires 1 syringe (2.5 ml) - it is designed for treatment of the face and neck. The package contains 10 syringes.

How much effect remains after the procedure:


Additional information:

Hyaron biorevitalizant is a new drug consisting of unstabilized hyaluronic acid, successfully used for biorevitalization in many cosmetology offices. Produces this tool South Korean company Dongkook Pharmaceutical

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Hyaron 10 x 2.5ml in box

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