• Kosmo-Matrix Care with Peptides and Amino acids, 6ml

We are pleased to present the perfect product for mesotherapy and biorevitalization procedures - MEDICAL KOSMO-MATRIX

CARE WITH PEPTIDES AND AMINO ACIDS with peptides and amino acids.

The drug is designed to moisturize tissues, restore elasticity, turgor and tone of the skin, quickly reduce, smooth and fill wrinkles, to combat sagging skin, to improve its color and texture, as well as to prevent age-related changes.

The result is visible after the first procedure!


Dragosine peptide, Matrixyl peptide, Matrigenics galactan complex, hyaluronic acid, 19 amino acid complex, resveratrol.

Component action:

- miracle peptides in high concentration maximally stimulate collagen production (2 times more than all known analogues), renewal processes, synthesis of irreplaceable skin components, activate matrix resources - the basis of skin connective tissue, protect cells from various stress factors: oxidation, free radicals , glycation, etc .;

- rejuvenating complex Matrigenics - an innovative asset from the reproductive part of the alga Undaria Pinnatifida (the longest-living alga in the world ocean), - by reactivating 14 genes in the skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, effectively reduces the number and depth of wrinkles;

- hyaluronic acid deeply moisturizes, strengthens and revitalizes the skin, creates favorable conditions for life and cell renewal, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and its own HA, increases the skin's resistance to adverse external factors;

- a balanced amino acid complex quickly saturates tissues with essential nutrients and building materials;

- resveratrol not only traps free radicals, but also blocks damaged DNA regions, preventing the transfer of defects to a new cell during division, slows down the aging process.


• by means of mesotherapy - dilute 50/50 with 0.5% organic silicon,

• by biorevitalization method - in pure form without dilution.

Try a new product, get brilliant results!

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Kosmo-Matrix Care with Peptides and Amino acids, 6ml

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