• Anti-aging mezokokteyl with KOSMO-DMAE 1% and hyaluronic acid, 6 ml

Action: Reduces the manifestations of biological and photoaging.

Provides a pronounced lifting effect.

Protects skin from free radicals.

Gives long and deep hydration.

Increases skin firmness and elasticity.

Promotes rapid tissue regeneration


deformation type of skin aging

flabbiness of the skin

ptosis (omission of tissues) of the face and body (inner surface of the arms and thighs, décolleté)

Recommended for use in complex therapy with a mezoroller or a fractional mesotherapy apparatus.

Contraindications: - individual intolerance to the components.

Introduction Technique:

Using a mezoroller

With the help of the apparatus of fractional mesotherapy

Under contact gels when conducting microcurrent and ultrasound therapy, during iontophoresis.

Methods of administration: mezoroller, fractional mesotherapy apparatus.

Apply drip from a syringe to cleansed skin when conducting therapy with a mezoroller or fractional apparatus.

Store the opened concentrate in the fridge up to 14 days, with the lid tightly closed.


- active - 1-2 times a week (up to 7-8 sessions);

- prolonged - 1 time for 10 days;

- supporting - 1 time in 3 weeks.

Form release: an aqueous solution in vials of 6 ml.

Ingredients: DMAE 1%, hyaluronic acid 1.2%, panthenol, red grape extract ..

Volume: 6 ml

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Anti-aging mezokokteyl with KOSMO-DMAE 1% and hyaluronic acid, 6 ml

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