• Concentrate with ginkgo biloba (kuperoz, cellulitis, alopecia), 6 ml


antioxidant effect

anti-inflammatory effect

strengthening of blood vessels and capillaries,

improved blood and lymph circulation.

The drug is recommended to use in combination with mezorollernoy therapy in the presence of cellulitis of the lower extremities associated with venous insufficiency, as well as with alopecia and rosacea. As a result of the use of the concentrate, there is a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin, cellulite bumps disappear, the skin color becomes even, and the hair becomes stronger.

Areas of use:

couperosis and vascular mesh on the face,

vascular "stars" on the legs,

aged face skin with poor microcirculation,

recovery from traumatic procedures

recovery after botox therapy,

treatment and prevention of androgenic alopecia,

correction of stagnation after acne,

in the complex treatment of cellulite.

Concentrate with gink-biloba can be used alone or mixed with a bioactivator (procaine). Depending on the task, other components can be added to ginko biloba and procaine. Artichoke - with the edematous component, DMAE - to reduce age-related changes, organic silicon - for lifting and strengthening the connective tissue.

Consumption of a single product or a cocktail during mesoscaler and fractional therapy:

On the face - 1.5-2 ml,

Large areas for cellulite - 6 ml,

For hair - 4-6 ml.

Methods of use:

With the help of a mezoroller,

Using the apparatus of fractional mesotherapy,

Under contact gels when conducting microcurrent and ultrasound therapy, during iontophoresis.

For microneedle therapy, the drug should be collected in a clean syringe (you can use a needle through the lid), drip onto cleansed skin during therapy with a mezoroller or fractional apparatus.

Ingredients: gink-biloba extract (4%).

Volume: 6 ml

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Concentrate with ginkgo biloba (kuperoz, cellulitis, alopecia), 6 ml

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