• Concentrate with artichoke 2%, 6 ml (edema, cellulite)

Action: anti-edema, therefore, it is used to correct conditions associated with edema:

pastoznost, puffiness of the face

reduction of puffiness around the eyes

cellulitis, especially the edematous form

reduction of post-traumatic edema (after plastic surgery, deep peels and dermabrasion, after the introduction of mesonithias)

reduction of swelling associated with overdose of botox

As well as artichoke extract - a powerful hepatoprotector. The active substances contained in it protect the liver cells from the action of toxins (including nitro compounds, alkaloids, heavy metal salts, alcohol). The extract also increases the production of coenzymes by hepatocytes and influences the metabolism of lipids, cholesterol and ketone bodies, improves the antitoxic function of the liver. Artichoke extract has a choleretic effect mainly due to the choleretic effect, has a diuretic effect and enhances the excretion of urea. By promoting the elimination of toxins.

It is used in complex therapy using a mezoroller.

Ingredients: artichoke extract (2%).

For microneedle therapy, it can be applied undiluted by applying liquid under the needles with a dropper or syringe.

For injection mesotherapy, the concentrate can be mixed with a bioactivator (procaine), as well as with a concentrate of caffeine or L-carnitine to achieve not only anti-edema, but also lipolytic action.

Artichoke is contraindicated for stones in the gall bladder and kidneys, as well as for hypersensitivity to the drug.

Methods of use:

Using a mezoroller

With the help of the apparatus of fractional mesotherapy

Under contact gels when conducting microcurrent and ultrasound therapy, during iontophoresis.

Consumption of a single product or a cocktail under a mezoroller:

Face - 1-2 ml

Body - 6 ml

For microneedle therapy, the drug should be collected in a clean syringe (you can use a needle through the lid), drip onto cleansed skin during therapy with a mezoroller or fractional apparatus.

Volume: 6 ml

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Concentrate with artichoke 2%, 6 ml (edema, cellulite)

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