Rejeunesse Fine Lidocaine is a lightweight filler that is recommended for use to eliminate sagging, imbalance and lack of nutrients in all layers of the dermis.

The action of Rejeunesse Fine Lidocaine: correction and modeling of the oval of the face and decollete, prevention and elimination of small periorbital, facial, nasolabial, and eyebrow wrinkles. Also, the tool replenishes the volume and creates the necessary shape of the lips, correcting the asymmetry.

The drug is used to completely eliminate lacrimal grooves, heavier eyelids, creating the effect of easy lifting of delicate facial skin.

Rejeunesse Fine Lidocaine - lips, forehead, eyebrows, periorbital zone and neck. Correction of superficial wrinkles, the formation of the contour of the lips.

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Rejeunesse Fine Lidocaine 1x1.1ml

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