Composition / release form:

Composition: hilauronic acid 24 mg / ml (0.3% lidocaine). Volume of syringe: 0.8 ml. Recommended cannula: 27G 1/2


2 syringes, 4 needles 27G


24 mg

Assignment / Action:

Correction of deep facial wrinkles


Allergan (USA)

Additional information:

Juvéderm® ULTRA 4 is a sterile, pyrogen-free physiological gel of cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin. The gel of this drug is inside a single-use, pre-filled graduated syringe. Each package contains 2 syringes with Juvéderm® ULTRA 4, 4 single-use sterile 27G1 / 2 ”injection needles for administering Juvéderm® ULTRA 4, insert instructions for use, as well as a set of labels designed to control the origin of the drug.

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Juvederm Ultra 4 (2*1,0 ml)

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