• Celosome Strong 1x1.1ml

Suitable for deep layers of the epidermis, eliminates pronounced wrinkles, is used to tighten and restore facial contours. It has a high viscosity and elasticity and has the longest working life.

The volume of the drug in 1 syringe is 1.1 ml.


The ingredients are selected to reduce the likelihood of itching and redness. They are all biocompatible.

Genetically engineered pure cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin and stabilized from degradation by HENM cross-linking technology. Concentration - 24 mg / ml.

0.3% lidocaine (except for the Aqua series), which reduces pain during the procedure and does not require additional injections of anesthetic.

Artificial hyaluronic acid obtained in genetic engineering compares favorably with natural in that it does not cause allergic reactions. At the same time, it is more stable, that is, it is destroyed much longer. Consequently, the effect of the application comes on a little faster and lasts longer.


Celosome fillers are produced by the South Korean company ExoCoBio, which was the first in the world to have patented a new method for the regeneration of subcutaneous fat - each filler of the company is made on the basis of exosomes and contributes to fundamental skin rejuvenation.

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Celosome Strong 1x1.1ml

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