Aqualyx® is an adipocytolytic injectable preparation for subdermal intralipotherapy. Destroys the fat cell membrane, causes a reduction in the volume of adipose tissue. Aqualyx is the latest generation drug, the most effective and safe among analogues.

Aqualyx® (Motolose Solution) is the first injectable preparation capable of selectively and gradually reducing the volume of local fat deposits without damaging the surface layers of the dermis and muscle tissue.

Aqualyx® is an aqueous gel solution containing polymer 3: 6-anhydro-l-galactose and D-galactose, buffer systems, 3a, 12a-dihydroxy-5b-24-deoxycholic acid sodium salt, physiological solution for injection. The drug is biologically compatible, completely absorbable.

Aqualyx®, when introduced into adipose tissue, using intralipotherapy technique, “dissolves” the lipocyte membrane, promotes active cell lysis, and activates the drainage functions of the lymphatic system. The gel structure of the product guarantees a local effect on adipose tissue, without systemic effects on the body. If ultrasonic cavitation procedures (Sonolyx apparatus) are included in the protocol for correcting local fat deposits, Aqualyx® significantly increases the effectiveness of ultrasonic waves.

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