Aesthefill is a specialist dermal filler based on polylactic acid, which has been used for over 20 years to create self-absorbable surgical sutures. Lactic acid signals skin damage to our body, promotes tissue repair through continuous collagen formation and the production of hyaluronic acid by mature skin cells. Once in the skin, Aesthefill actively fills the voids formed as a result of skin aging.

Aesthefill does not migrate to tissues adjacent to the injection site. In addition, it is completely safe for the body: biodegradation occurs naturally.

As a long-acting collagen stimulant, Aesthefill helps to smooth wrinkles, restoring smoothness and elasticity to the skin. This drug guarantees instant results, no side effects, and the maintenance of the skin in good condition over a long period.

Contour correction using Aesthefill liquid dermal filler has a number of advantages, namely:

  • The course consists of 1-4 sessions, the break between them is 2-4 months;
  • The most natural lifting effect is created, in which the performed correction of age-related skin changes is practically invisible;
  • The drug is completely eliminated from the body;
  • The contouring effect lasts for 2 years;
  • Aesthefill launches the process of internal rejuvenation of the dermis;
  • Aesthefill polylactic acid contouring is fully compatible with other cosmetic procedures.


Filler Aesthefill consists of globular particles of polylactic acid (thermoplastic and biodegradable polylactide). Through hydrolysis, polylactide breaks down into glycogen and lactic acid and is naturally excreted from the body, which indicates that there are no dangers for the body.

The effective course of the process of tissue renewal, collagen formation and the production of hyaluronic acid by mature skin cells is due to the porous structure of the drug: skin cells (fibroblasts) work both outside and inside the Aesthefill microspheres. That is why the use of Aesthefill leads to the restoration of lost volumes (without creating artificial ones) and smoothing even the deepest wrinkles (lifting).

The drug does not contain protein components that can lead to allergic reactions. There are also no side effects if the injections were performed by an experienced and qualified certified physician.


  • General flabbiness of the skin;
  • Wrinkles in the corners of the eyes;
  • Nasolabial and premaxillary folds of varying depth;
  • Asymmetrical, "floating" oval of the face;
  • Hyperpigmentation after acne;
  • The presence of depressed areas on the face: loss of volume in the lower eyelids, sunken cheeks, temples, sagging, loss of elasticity and smoothness;
  • Skin defects: post-acne, postoperative, atrophic scars.


The presence of autoimmune diseases;


Viral or infectious diseases;

Hypersensitivity or allergic reaction to the components of the drug;

Hemophilia, blood clotting disorder;

Inflammatory processes and / or permanent fillers at injection sites;

Pregnancy or lactation period;

Herpes in the acute stage.


Compared to other drugs, Aesthefill takes a very advantageous position: the effect of its use persists for a longer period, compared to the effect observed after injections of similar drugs.


It becomes possible to notice improvements and the effect of the drug after the first procedure. Skin tightening under the action of Aesthefill has a cumulative effect. This means that over time, the effect of the drug is enhanced by the gradual accumulation of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

A week after the injection, a slight loss of volume is possible due to the withdrawal of water (used to dissolve the drug). However, this does not in any way affect the quality of the result.

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