Everything about payment on the site and the risks!

Everything about payment on the site and the risks!

In this article, I want to briefly explain everything about paying on the site and working with it. If you are only interested in risks, then they are at the end :)

At the moment there are 5 payment methods:

1. PayPal - worldwide payment;

2. Western Union - worldwide payment;

3. Zelle - payment within the US and banks that cooperate with this system;

3. Bank transfer - worldwide payment;

4. Cash.

The principle of work with all these systems is the same:

Step 1 - you place an order and choose how it is convenient for you to pay

Step 2 - I check the availability of goods in the warehouse and then two additional steps appear:

a - The product is in stock. I send you data by email (payment method at checkout).

b - The product is out of stock. I suggest you wait until what you want to buy is brought or the order is canceled. (I give a discount for waiting)

Step 3 - You pay for your order and write to me by e-mail (reply letter)

Step 4 - I am packing your order. I make a photo of the order and a photo of the expiration date. I send and write to your mail your tracking number for Shipment (which you can track on this website or through the website of your regional delivery service)

Step 5 - We are waiting for your order to be delivered

Step 6 - We receive the order.

Payment risks.

No risk for buyers. If your order is not delivered to you, then I will send a new one, free of charge. Soon, in order to bear this risk together, I will insure the parcel (optional).

If the package is lost in your country, I help you find it, but you should help too! (I give my data - the sender, you have to call \ come to your delivery office and write an application to search for the parcel. I, in turn, also write to the delivery in your and my country).

To date, all orders have reached the recipients. Not a single package was lost! There were delays, especially during the Covid-19 era. But I am always in touch and at any time you can ask me where your order is.

Cheating with payment - probably this question interests you the most, since you are reading this article :)

The site was originally created for my clients from Ebay. More details can be found here - https://kpavels.com/about_us

All risks and service are initially included in the price of goods, so it is very, very unprofitable for me to deceive a client.

It sounds strange when I ask to send money for an order "as a gift to a friend", but you must understand me:

1. Taxes.

2. Commissions.

3. All these payment systems do not like to work with products! I removed PayPal automatic payment because I was blocked for selling fillers! :(

4. I ship your orders as a gift! With a couple of dollars worth! So you do not pay taxes and fees for delivery! (some states in the US and other countries)

That's all, if you still have questions, write to me: no-spam@kpavels.com

(there is a redirect to my personal e-mail: kpavels @ yandex.ru or this one, but you need to remove all the spaces, this is a kind of protection against spam :))

Best wishes,