Dilution of botulinum toxins

Dilution of botulinum toxins

For the dilution of Botulinum toxins, only sodium chloride 0.9% is used! Do not use water for injection!

Dilution table of botulinum toxins:


units in 0.1ml
Vial 50uiVial 100ui
Vial 200ui

Explanations to the table:

ml - milliliters of Sodium chloride 0.9%, how much to add 

units in 0.1ml - units obtained in 0.1 ml of ready-to-use solution

Vial ХХui - your purchased botulinum toxin

An example of preparing a ready-made solution:

  • For convenience, you need an insulin syringe u-100

Why is it easier to use the u-100 syringe? Its divisions are very convenient for diluted Botulax or other botulinum toxin.

The divisions on the syringe - 10, 20 ... 90, 100 - are equal to 0.1 ml of the finished botulinum toxin.

Let us analyze the scale of this syringe in the picture Botulax 100ui in the picture:

1 ml of Sodium Chloride 0.9% was added to Botulax 100 units, see in the upper table: 0.1 ml = 10 units, i.e. 1 ml = 100

In the picture above, we can see that any division 10 .. 20, 30 .. 40, etc., has a division of 0.1 ml or 10 units!

Syringes U-100 with a scale of 10 have appeared on sale. They are more convenient because the flow rate of the finished botulinum toxin solution will be accurate to 1 unit!

From the table, you yourself can calculate how much you need to dilute.