Application area:

general laser therapy


all types of sawing,

removal of birthmarks,

micro needle therapy,

smearing acupuncture,

freckle removal



wart removal,

simple surgery,

mosaic laser therapy,

laser acne removal

and etc.


The high content of lidocaine in J-Cain ensures a smooth work with 3D mesothreads on

face and body (depth from 5 to 8 mm), with fractional mesotherapy on the body (depth from 2 to 4 mm),

also used in micro liposuction, meso-dissolution procedures, in permanent make-up



- lidocaine 105 mg per 1 g of cream,

- carbomer,

- stabilized alcohol,

- potassium sorbate,

- polysorbate,

- trolamine,

- isopropyl myristate,

- methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate,

- water.


Mode of application:

1. Evenly distribute the cream on the skin area (layer thickness not less than 1-2 mm).

2. ALWAYS massage (maximum effect is achieved) the area of ​​application of the cream

3. Apply an occlusive dressing (you can use food wrap)

4. After 30-50 minutes (depending on the thickness of the skin) remove the bandage and carefully remove the remnants of the cream.

5. It is important to keep track of time to avoid burns.



- Individual intolerance to lidocaine or amide.

- Open wounds, violation of the integrity of the skin.

- Inflammatory manifestations on the skin of various origins.

The cream is forbidden for use in case of individual intolerance of at least one of the components of the drug; injury and inflammation of the skin in the field of anesthetic.

With caution should apply cream to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. If the composition of the main preparation for the cosmetic procedure - filler, gel for biorevitalization - contains an anesthetic component, the use of additional anesthesia is optional, it is used only in the case of a low pain threshold in a patient.

It is not recommended to use anesthetics before chemical peeling. During the procedure, the patient must control their feelings, they are important to determine the end of the session. In addition, the interaction of means for peeling and anesthetic can cause swelling.


Lidocaine is also not used in the laser removal of spider veins: when anesthetized, the vessels narrow and become hardly visible.

If, when applying anesthetic cream appeared irritation and rash, the use of J-CAIN is stopped.


Storage conditions:

Store at temperatures from 1 ° C to 30 ° C out of the reach of children. To avoid

direct sunlight.

Store in containers at a temperature from 1 ° C to 30 ° C out of the reach of children

place Avoid direct sunlight.



INIST BIO Pharmaceutical Co., LTD, South Korea

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